Friday, February 06, 2009

There is an interesing article that is VERY interesting in Christian Today Australia. It is titled Luther, Rome and the Bible. According to the article (which can be read by clicking on the title) Pope Benedict XVI supposedly said that Luther was write in his reading of St. Paul's letter to the Romans and salvation by faith alone (i.e. Sola Fide).

Before discussing what the pope may have said, I think it is important to clarify that modern Evangelical understanding of "faith alone" is most often a far cry from what Luther, Calvin and other Reformers meant when they used the term.

I find it hard to believe that today's pope would so blatantly disagree with the Council of Trent which declared Luther's view to be heresy. Of course, according to Vatican I, Trent is an infallible statement and if the Pope said what he is accused of saying, he would directly contradict the official teaching of Rome for over 400 Year.

Of course I am one who believes Vatican II contradicts Trent, Vatican I and Unam Sanctum, all of which are without error (according to Vatican I). I hope to find more on this subject. It is interesting.

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James H said...

This I think is the full text of the Pope Remarks that the article is referring too

I think that it is does violate Trent either which is one reason why the Lutherans and Catholics (later koined by the Methodist) were able to sign the Document on Justification last decade