Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rev. Jerry Falwell R.I.P.

The Rev. Jerry Falwell passed away yesterday. Falwell was certainly a man greatly used by God and I mourn his passing even though I rejoice that he is now with the Lord his Saviour.

In matters of theology I disagree with Pastor Falwell at many points. He was an Independent Baptist and I’m Reformed and hold to paedobaptism. Still he was a brother in Christ and he was a man of courage and conviction.

Falwell was, like Martin Luther, often too quick to speak and he thereby gave his enemies (and the enemies of Christ) ammunition that could be used against him. He also, on a few occasions, said things that he should have stood by, though with more mildness and less forcefulness, that he backed away from. This only shows that he was, like all of us, a human being who could and did make mistakes.

Rev. Jerry Falwell was a man of God and he was greatly despised by the enemies of Christ and His Church. His enemies in the media and pop culture say a lot about him. Libertines and others that hate the Gospel of Jesus and the Church of Christ despised him. Jerry Falwell, so he had to be saying and doing a number of things correctly.

There were times, when I heard some quote by Falwell on the nightly news, that I wished he would just keep his mouth shut. Often time, IMHO, he spoke on an issue before thinking things through. Martin Luther and St. Peter were also both guilty of such things. Even when we look at these failing we find Falwell in good company.

Rev. Falwell was a despensationalist/Christian Zionist. I believe this type of thought to be a great and grave error, even though it so dominates modern evangelical Protestantism. The good thing for all Christians is salvation is not acquired by absolute doctrinal purity, because if it were none of us would be saved. Salvation is by the grace of a God and Faith in Jesus Christ, His only Son and our Lord.

Those in this country that love Christ will miss Rev. Falwell. I am glad the Lord placed him in this country for the time that he did.

Coram Deo,