Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wow, what a great read. I finished Clement's Exhortation to the Heathen and it is a GREAT read. In the first part of the the good bishop examines the popular pagan religions of his day. He deals with Roman, Greek and Egyptian religion and finds that it is false and morally reprehensible.

Clement (c. 150 AD-C. 215AD) sheds light on paganism common to the Roman empire. He also delves into the history of pagan faiths and the immorality af paganism. Time and again, he addresses the fact that Roman Empire pagan's were OK with the "corrupting" of boys. Today, we would call that sort of "corrupting" by the name paedophilia. Yea, more than a few of those pagan men liked boys.

The second part of the book is evangelical. He is promoting the faith and seeking to convert his pagan neighbours to come to faith in Jesus Christ. This is a Church Father worth reading.

Coram Deo,

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