Thursday, January 22, 2009

I did not vote for president Obama, nor did I vote for anyone in the Democratically held House or Senate. I am no fan of the Democratic Party. I left that party in the 80's after borrowing and reading Jimmy Carter's presidential platform. I was so put off by what I read, the very next time I had a day off during the week, I went down to the parish court house (that is where you had to register to vote then) and changed my party affiliation to Republican.

I think even less of the Democratic Party today than I did then. So what follows is not written out of sympathy for the Dems.

Since the election, I have heard a good deal of Republican chest pounding and Republican incriminations against President Obama and the Dems. I here the Republicans complain about democratic plans to spend more money (which must be created by fiat) etc... When I hear these Republicans I think, "You sorry, lying hypocrite! Y'all had both houses of Congress and the Presidency and all y'all did was pile on the pork while you had the chance."

The Republicans blatantly lied to their constituents and made the dept sky rocket out of sight. What bothers the Republicans now is they have lost their hold on the Tax Payer Sow's tits and now the Dem's are the ones suckling on all the Sow's tits.

My view of the Democratic and Republican Parties is simple. It is, "A Pox on both your houses." I say that in the nicest way that I can muster. If I used explatives as adjectives I would have thrown one or two of them into my statement, but as a general rule, I don't talk that way.

Deo Vindice,

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