Sunday, May 28, 2006

Who are the True Martyrs?
In the last several years, Muslim extremists have tried very hard to hijack the Christian title of “martyr.” The modern Muslim “martyr” is not a true martyr, but is someone who is murdering as many innocent people as he can, while killing himself in the process.

The modern Muslim “martyr” is a cold-blooded killer who thinks nothing of slaughtering innocent women and children in his attack. His actions are designed to generate terror in the civilian population. The act of Murder/suicide is not martyrdom.

The Greek word “marturia” from which we get the English word martyr,is found 37 times in the New Testament. It is most often translated as “witness” or “testimony.” And in the traditions of the Christian faith, a martyr is one who is put to death for his witness or testimony to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Christian martyr is one who did not attack his enemies, but instead he loved them enough to go to them and tell them about Christ, even when he knew that his witness may (and often did) lead to his own death, at the hands of those he brought the Gospel to.

In the book of Acts we learn of the martyrdom of St. Steven. Steven, the first Christian martyr, was disputing with men who denied Christ and those opposed to the faith were loosing the debate. These men became angry because of what they heard and since they could not defeat Steven’s arguments they killed him instead.

Steven did nothing more than disagree with those who killed him and told them why he disagreed. The early church was outlawed, because the Church declared that Jesus Christ was Lord instead of Caesar. The Christians did not take up arms and attack those who persecuted them. Instead they prayed for those who wronged them, and brought the Gospel to them, even when the price of “witnessing” or giving “testimony” of Christ’s Gospel might mean that they would be arrested, tortured and thrown to wild beasts (in the arena), and/or put to death.

A true martyr is a witness to the Gospel of Christ, who gives his/her greatest witness to the truth of that Gospel, in his/her willingness to be killed by those who hate the Christ and His Gospel.

It is a horrible misuse and distortion of the noble Christian title of “Martyr” to apply the term to someone who willingly murders innocent people because they think differently than he does. Muslim radicals who willingly, and enthusiastically, murder innocent men, women and children, at the same time they blow themselves to bits, are NOT martyrs. These men are bloodthirsty killers, who send themselves to hell by their murder/suicides.

Coram Deo,


Haider Droubi said...

Dear sir:
i was reading yr article and expecting a totally different opinion since I felt the religious tone in yr writing,and said that you will be aware of all the political dirt that is going on in the middle east and that y will have the right perspective of this issue:
I comment on yr article as follows :
1. you said… In the last several years Muslim extremists have tried very hard to hijack the Christian title of “martyr.”
Does this mean that such word doesn’t exist in the muslim’s world,or out side your world,,this word exist and has a meaning in all languages incluing japaneese.. said
Martyr is one who is put to death for his witness or testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ..
I cant disagree with you regardig this…but still the word holds the meaning of dieing for the sake of everything that is right and good(land,helping the poor,liberty) and top of it for the sake of god.(which is avilable in all religions ,but maybe in different names )

So lets make it clear that anyone in any rligion or place…who dies for something right is a martyr,unless y suggest another name (a positive one ) should be used for those people.

2. you said …The Christians did not take up arms and attack those who persecuted them. Instead they prayed for those who persecuted them and brought the Gospel to them….i do agree with you..bearing in mind that those eastern christians who happened to be of the levant area in the middle east …didn’t use or kill any one…the same happened when islam started here ..of people who are of the same blood of those eastern christans..mean while ,,when the crusades came from the out side world to the holy land ,they brought with them blood and destruction…decieving the naïve peasants of europe that this is for the sake of god and the cross ,while it was for the sake of greed and power…an the eastern christans fought against the coming armies next to their brothers muslims..i think those who dies from the middle east should be called (martyr)…. The christians in the holy land were living peacfully…untill the crusades brought the blood to the holy land and of course till now blood is still there ….and the people who died from the crusades side,what they should be called?also martyr?...anyway the middle easterns (of all religions) never considered stereotypes…which means they didn’t call the eastern christians (enemies ) ..cos they cant generalize..and they understood that the people who came in the name of the cross were not,they were after money and greed…that’s how I want y to see what is going on …there is a big difference between religion and policy..

now all muslims don’t agree on this extermists actions ,we consider it not islamic at all…but for yr information ,all those groups were previously supported by the great powers in the world to threaten the small islamic countries at the first the small tigers that was been fed by ‘great power which is controlling the economy and policy in the world which became very naked to the americans themselves’ those tigers grow bigger and started eating everyone including their masters …y may think I have the ‘consperacy theory” but after all the news and books and results ..i think the hidden agenda is clear..hope y are not listening to only one radio channel..

so allow me to say so: yr article should be revised and more specific,,that some killers which happens to be muslims are killing people..the same as when the crusades killed people using the name of religion…and the same way some people at the moment are killing innocent using the name of liberty and democracy…cos simply yr article reflects a shallow and unfair picture of muslim world…or lets say of middleeasterns ,who happenes to be the people and land which gave all the human kind the best religions in the world;judism.christanity,and islam(sequence as per date)….please parden my poor english as I pardened the unfair picture y gave to the muslims….y are always welcome to visit the middle east and mingle with the people here(muslims and christans ) and see the real thing over here ..


Cajun Huguenot said...

To Haider Droubi,

Thank you so much for your comments. I do appreciate what you say in and I would certainly agree wit you that any innocent person that is kill for their beliefs is a martyr for those beliefs.

I also agree with your assessment of the Crusades. They were a gross distortion of the Christian faith and teachings.

I pray for peace for your part of the world. If you visit here again. I would like to here from you again and have a dialogue with you on these things.

Coram Deo,