Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Old Covenant and Cajun Cooking
I am so thankful that we are not bound to keep the Old Covenant dietary laws. If we were than we Cajuns would have to give up almost all our favourite foods.

We would no longer be able to eat our sausages, boudin, andouille, taso and (of course) hoghead cheese, all of which contain pork. We would also have to do without most of our sauce piquants, etouffees, and court bouillons, because they contain shrimp, crawfish or catfish all of which are not allowed by the “shadows” which are the Old Covenant dietary laws.

Our gumbos too would suffer. Seafood gumbos would not be possible because they contain shrimp, crabs and lots of times oysters as well. Regular chicken and sausage gumbo would have to be made without the sausage.

Worst of all we would have to give up our crawfish, shrimp and crab boils.

These laws would also do away with many of our favourite American foods as well. No Cheeseburgers (can’t mix dairy and meat) and Pepperoni and other pizzas that contain meat would also have to go.

I am so thankful for the Jerusalem Council in the Book of Acts and James’ decision where we learn that we are no longer to be bound by the shadows of the Old Covenant law.

The staple of the Cajun meal is rice; keep that in mind as you read below. Cajuns take God’s command to Peter seriously “rise, kill and eat.” There is an old Cajun joke about to Cajuns out in the rice field working when they see a Flying saucer land and an alien get out. One Cajun turns to the other
“Wat do you tink dat is?” the other replies as he picks up his shotgun, “ I don’t know. Go cook some rice!”

Coram Deo,

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