Friday, June 11, 2010

My Radical Political Views

Long a go I read the Federalists and many of the Anti-federalists. My political views would be closer to both those groups than to modern Reps. or Dems.

As to the Federal Government, I am a Jeffersonian -- I would like a federal government that is truly federal and not the Nation State that now exist in the District of Columbia. (You know the one described in the Constitution and debated in the state ratifying conventions.)

Modern Democrats and modern Republicans worship the Nation State in Washington. Both parties want to use the national government to impose their ideology on the whole country.

I would go for a secession of blue from red states, or if you prefer, red from blue states, then the Red guys could do their thing and the Blue folks could do their thing and they could both stop trying to politically force their political/social ideologies on the other side.

I like the way Czechoslovakians settled their differences. There is no longer a Czechoslovakia today, instead there is now a Czech Republic and a Slovak Republic. The two peoples separated peacefully.

Of course the Dems. and Reps. will both consider my views as crazy. After all, if we were to divide up along the blue/red divide than we would no longer be the only remaining "Super Power" and we would have to start minding our own business and stop being the world's policeman. (Which will happen sooner or later anyway because bankrupt nations tend to be weak nations)

Coram Deo,

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