Sunday, January 03, 2010

Death and Faith

Jesus Christ set the tone for the Christian faith - He suffered mockery and humiliation. He also gave his life to save others. Jesus spread His Gospel by preaching and discussion and love. His early followers were also non violent. They, like their Lord spread His Gospel through preaching and teaching. Christians did not take up the sword to promote the faith of Christ, instead they willingly suffered terrible agonizing cruelty and death because they believed Christ to be Lord and Saviour.

Muhammad started peacefully in Mecca, but when those he preached to mocked him willingly took up the sword to raid, rob and kill those who had mocked him and refused to follow him. His followers likewise killed non-believers at their prophets bidding.

Christian martyrs were humble believers who were willing to die for what they believed. They believed and taught the Gospel of Christ even when they were threatened with torture and death if they claimed the Lordship of Christ and denied Caesar was lord.

Christian martyrs were willing to humbly give their lives for the Faith.

The followers of Muhammad were, from the beginning willing to kill and assassinate the enemies of their prophet. A Muslim martyr is one who dies killing the enemies of Islam. Muslim Martyrs died with bloody swords in their hands.

That is a small part of the difference between Christ and Muhammad and Christianity and Islam.

Coram Deo,

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