Saturday, December 06, 2008

For many decades the political left and Hollywood elite have laboured to convince us that homosexuality is a legitimate and acceptable lifestyle. This issue, like abortion, sets much of the the political left and most of Hollywood in opposition to what we know to be "traditional moral values" and the teachings of the historic Christian faith.

The Western world is presently in a cultural civil war. The Christian Faith played a major part in the foundation and development of Western Civilization. But today much of the cultural leadership of the West has abandoned the Christian faith and are they are hostile to the faith that we have inherited in the West through the Church of Jesus Christ.

I just watched a video on the web titled Prop 8: The Musical. It stars a number of Hollywood heavyweights including Jack Black and John C. Reilly. The musical equates opposition to legalization of homosexual marriage to hate. Reilly joins the musical by singing, "Look no body's watching. It's time to spread some hate and put it in the constitution." How is hate to be put in the constitution? By voting for Proposition 8. The Proposition has now passed and it did away with California's judicially imposed legalization of homosexual marriage.

According to this little musical that if you hold to the traditional Christian position, and oppose the legalization of homosexual marriage, you are now, according to much of the left and Hollywood, a promoter of hate. I assume Christians also promote hate when the speak-out (in a proper godly manner) against adultery, bestiality, and other forms of sex outside of marriage which we belief to is between a man and a woman.

I know people who are adulterers, I have unmarried friends who engage in sex outside of matrimony, and I know people who are homosexual. I think all three of these types of sexual activity are, according to the Bible and the Christin Faith, to be sinful and they condemned by the Word of God. I would oppose any attempt by the state support any of these sexual activities by sanctioning them in law.

Does this mean that I hate my friends who are engaged in sexual activity that the Bible condemns as sinful? Certainly not. I disagree with the sexual lifestyles of many people that I consider to be close friends. I do not hate them, even though I believe sex outside of marriage is a sin.

Political and social disagreement does not come close to implying hate, however these days disagreement with the political and cultural left is not allowed by many on that side of the cultural divide. For me to have a philosophical, theological, cultural or political disagreement with many on the left is, from their perspective, a form of hate.

That is scary, because you don't tend to communicate very well with people that you believe "hate" you. Since the French Revolution, it has been fairly common for left wingers when they come to power, to support the elimination of those that philosophically oppose your believe system. The left wing French revolutionaries killed tens of thousands of those in France with whom they disagreed with. Beginning in 1917, the left wing Russians did the same thing, as did the Nazis, who held to a twisted, nationalistic form of left wing (socialistic) thought.

Equating philosophical or political disagreement with hate is very dangerous for any society. Today, in the United States, an important segment of the political and cultural left have crossed that perilous line. That is very scary. Such rhetoric tends to bring an end to civil disagreements, and can bring destroy thoughtfulness and the ability to sound reason. It can also lead to blood shed.

Like I said, it is a very scary turn in the the Culture Cold War that is raging around us.

As to hate, Christians are sinners. There is no sin or sinful lifestyle out here that some Christian has not been guilty of or is even know struggling with. We are all sinners before God. We all need forgiveness. Every Christian in the world has to repent of a multitude of sins every day. Many Christians have been involved in many forms of sexual sin, many more struggle with some type of sexual sin daily.

I do not hate those promoting sinful lifestyles, what I do is pray for my fellow man, who like me is made in the image of God, and like me needs to repent and turn to the forgiveness that is to be found in Christ alone.

Coram Deo,

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