Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Episcopal Bishop of Fort Worth has taken a stand against the heterodox teachings (i.e. heresies) that long ago became the norm The Episcopal Church in the U.S. (TEC). Bishop Jack Iker issued an open letter titled: We Are Contending for the Faith

It is a good letter and it is encouraging to see that there are still godly believers in that once great/orthodox denomination, which today support boldly what God denies (e.g. abortion, homosexuality) and opposes what the Scriptures deny.

I hope you will read some Bishop Iker's letter below:

Our Diocese believes in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. TEC believes there are many ways to salvation and that all religions lead to God.

Our Diocese believes in the authority of Holy Scripture in all matters of faith and morals. TEC believes the Bible needs to be revised and adapted to meet the changing culture and that it may mean different things in different social contexts.

Our Diocese believes that the essentials of the Christian Faith have been revealed once and for all in the teachings of Jesus Christ and are not subject to change. TEC believes in a revisionist approach that says only the votes of successive General Conventions can determine doctrinal and faith issues for Episcopalians as times change.

Our Diocese believes that all ordained clergy are under the obligation to model in their own lives the received teaching of the Church that all its members are to abstain from sexual relations outside Holy Matrimony. TEC believes that active homosexuals and bisexuals ?should be ordained to the sacred ministry of bishops, priests and deacons.

Our Diocese believes that marriage is the exclusive physical and spiritual union of one man and one woman for life. TEC believes same sex relationships are good and holy and should be blessed and celebrated.

Our Diocese believes in the sacredness of human life from conception. TEC affirms abortion on demand.

Our Diocese stands with the vast majority of Anglicans around the world. TEC is a declining body and very much out of the mainstream of orthodox Christianity, both here and abroad.

Most liberal (mainline) Protestant Churches are aligned with the TEC in promoting heresy and immorality. As in TEC there is a minority of stalwarts in the other liberal churches that have been fighting a loosing battle against the growth of the antichrist ideas like those above shown to be held by TEC.

I pray for these godly brethren. I don't believe their fight will not be for much longer. TEC loss over 13% of its membership in the last ten years. All the liberal mainline churches are also in decline. They are going the way of the dodo bird - to extinction.

Coram Deo,
PS. Emphasis is mine

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