Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dr. Bahnsen science and creation.

In my opinion, one of the most gifted Christian thinkers of the 20th century was Dr. Greg Bahnsen. Bahnsen is probably best known as an “apologist” or defender of the Christian faith. He has debated and crushed a number of prominent academic atheists this includes his legendary debate with Dr. Gordon Stein (Read more here). Greg Bahnsen, was (he passed away in late 1995) a man of great learning and simple faith.

The quote below is from a paper he wrote about biblical revelation and modern science. Bahnsen said "Despite the enthusiasm of modern science in pursuing study and research on the 'origin of life,' it must be recognized that all questions of origins fall outside the realm of empirical science! ... In the matter of origins, where the scientist can neither observe nor experiment, one is left to depend either on guesswork speculation or infallible revelation."

Bahnsen makes a very important point here that is missed by most Christians and non-Christians alike. The study of origins can not, by its very nature, be "science" as it is defined in the modern world. The study of origins is philosophy and theology and can never be truly “empirical” science. When scientists speak of origins in scientific terms they are promoting their philosophy, religion and worldview not empirical facts.

Observation, experimentation and verification are the methods used in empirical science. None of these are possible for the creation, because it is an event that took place before man came on the scene. The evolutionist is an evolutionist by FAITH and not by science. He believes as he does, not because it is proven scientifically, but because he chooses to. It is his leap of faith, and it is a great leap.

For the Christian to bow to modern science and attempt to make the Christian faith fit with the evolutionist faith; is to compromise with a false religion that is always changing. Evolution is atheistic religion and not science.

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PS. The audio from the Bahnsen/Stein debate are available: Monergism Books, or you can read a transcription here. The audio was online at "The Great Debate: Does God Exist?" but the link is not working tonight.

PPS (This blog is a rerun from 03 March 2004)

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Jeff Downs said...

I believe CMF asked Strait Gate to take the audio off his site. This debate, in audio format is no longer available online. It is however, available as trascribed